Ritmo Latino Festival


from 12PM to 6:30PM
Down Town Cary, NC
316 N. Academy St.
Cary, NC 27513

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Ritmo Latino is a free family festival that showcases Latino music, dance and arts. The festival includes live music, vendors, artists, Latin foods, dance lessons for adults and activities for children.

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Zumba & Salsa Lessons

Featuring the following artists:


Time Artist Name or Performer Type of Music
12.10-1.00 The Acoustic Guys Rock
1:00-1:15 Bushido Karate and Judo Demo Juan Rodriguez
1.10-2.00 Coyote Jam Jazz
2.00-2.20 National Anthem singer-Senoid usa
2.20-2.55 La Regia de Monterrey Mexican
3.00-3.10 Zumba N/A
3:10-3:25 Bushido Karate and Judo Demo Juan Rodriguez
3.10-4.10 Batuque de Terreiro Brazilian
4.20-5.20 Los Sobrinos de Rigo Tovar Mexican
5.30-6.30 Orquesta Gardel Salsa
2:50-3:05 Bushido Karate and Judo Demo Juan Rodriguez



Time Artist Name or Performer Country
12.30-12.45 Zumba N/A
12.50-1.05 Baile Folklorico Vicky Mexico
1.10-1.25 Orgullo y Alma Latina Cultural Dances
1.30-1.45 Brazil Zamba Zamba
1.50-2.00 Dhoom Machel Group India
2.00-2.20 National Anthem singer-Senoid USA
2.20-2.30 Dance Contest Peru
2.35-2.50 Bomba Boricua Puerto Rico
2.55-3.05 Valle de Luna Panama
3.15-3.25 Takiri Colombia
3.30-3.40 Pura Vida Costa Rica
3.45-3.55 Valle de Luna Panama
4.00-4.10 Takiri Colombia
4.15-4.25 Pura Vida Costa Rica
4.30-4.40 El Ballet Venezolano Venezuela
4.45-4.55 El Ballet Guadalupano Mexico
5.00-5.10 El Ballet Venezolano Venezuela
5.15-5.25 El Ballet Guadalupano Mexico


Kids Fun Zone (Booths 100-113)

Time Artist Name or Performer Presenter
12:00-5:00 Bouncy Tents
12:00:4:30 Arts & Crafts Lety Alvarez
12:00-5:00 Face Painting Fancy Face Painting
1:00-3:00 Lanky Lou Stiltwalker Kurt
1:00-5:00 Girls Scouts
1:00-1:30 Boys Club knot tying demonstration
1:30-2:00 Children Book’s reading by bookwriter Roelli Boccelli
2:00-2:20 National Anthem Senoid
2:20-2:50 Children’s Songs Martín Córdoba
2:50-3:20 Children Book’s reading by bookwriter Roelli Boccelli
3:20-3:35 Bushido Karate and Judo Juan Rodriguez


Visual Artists (Booths 29-35):

Time Artist Name or Performer Country
All Day Paul Wingler USA
All Day Rolando Aparicio Mexico
All Day Calderon Stained Glass Colombia
All Day Franco Artist
All Day Jorge Ramirez Costa Rica
All Day Ginna Barrantes Costa Rica
All Day Nana Abreu Puerto Rico
All Day Lety Alvarez Mexico

Kids Fun Corner with:

  • Children Book’s reading by bookwriter Rosallie Bocelli
  • Children’s songs by Martín Córdoba
  • Inflatables
  • Face Painting
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Soccer Clinic


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